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Join in the magic and fun by auditioning, assisting behind the scenes, purchasing a ticket, or making a financial contribution. You can also rent space for parties at Mill Creek Grange from us. Some of our proceeds go to the Shelia Burke Memorial Scholarship and the Historic Civic Auditorium Restoration Fund.

Black Comedy is a dinner theatre that takes place in one hilarious act. The action supposedly in the dark is illuminated; when the lights are to be on, the stage is the dark. Lovesick and desperate, sculptor Brindsley Miller has embellished his apartment with furniture and objects d'arte "borrowed" from the absent antique collector next door hoping to impress his fiancee's pompous father and a wealthy art dealer, Schuppanzign. The fussy neighbor, Harold Gorringe returns just as a blown fuse plunges the apartment into darkness and Brindsley is revealed teetering on the verge of a very ripe farce unexpected guests, aging spinster, errant phone cords, and other snares impede his frantic attempts to return the purloined items before light is restored.

Dinner By: Cowboy Catering

Price: $25 for the meal & performance if you aren't a member

Members wil pay a $15 surcharge for dinner.

People who aren't having dinner will only have to pay our regular prices.

Click here to see our regular prices. Tickets are available at Klindt's Bookstore.

Dinner Theatre Dates: March 28, 29 and April 4, & 5 (2014)

Matinee Dates: March 30th & April 6th (2014)

Matinee Start Time: 2:00 p.m.

Sunday Matinee: Performance Only - No Dinner

Dinner Time: 6:30 p.m.

Performance Time: 7:30 p.m..

Location: The Dalles Civic Auditorium, East 4th and Federal Streets, The Dalles, Oregon

Contact Number: 541-340-0163

We hold productions locally in The Dalles. All involved with the making of the productions including directors, cast, and technical support staff, are volunteers
from the Gorge area.

One of the our goals over the years has been to secure our own facility for performances. Due to expenses this goal has remained unattainable. We may
never own our own stage, but will remain a partner in reopening the Civic Auditorium.

We continue to deliver a season of live theatre in the form of comedies, dramas, mysteries, musicals, and dinner shows. Our purpose has always been the development of theatre and allied arts among all ages in The Dalles and surrounding communities, to provide a cultural and education public service, and to promote the assimilation of theatre arts in the civic and social life of the geographic area.

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