Mobile Application Do’s And Don’ts

Hire The Best Developers For The Job

Don’ts: – Don’t create a mobile app if you have no idea what it is going to do or why users will need it. The best way to start planning an application is by creating mockups and wireframes of the screens, so that everyone who’s involved can agree on how everything works before programming starts. – Do not hire a freelancer for your project; make sure they are experienced with developing native applications because html web apps cannot be ported directly to mobiles (there has been some success in porting them but most companies want their own identity). By hiring developers from India or Pakistan, there’s more chance this person doesn’t speak English as first language which means communication could break down easily. By all means check out their mobile application portfolio and be sure that you hired the best mobile app developers.

– Do not expect the mobile app to monetize in the first month or year because if you create an application that doesn’t have any users it will be hard to get people interested.

– Don’t make your top priority generating revenue; think of other ways for apps like sponsored placement, in game ads etc…

Check Out Their Mobile Application Portfolio

Do’s: – Hire a company that has experience developing native applications for all devices. If you are creating an application for android, hire someone who knows the platform well and how it works because this is something your developers should take into account when they use java as programming language.

– Do not outsource to companies in Pakistan or India; instead look for another country with similar time zone so there’s less chance of miscommunication due to different languages spoken (eastern vs western). – Have a clear idea of what type users will find useful about your mobile app before making the mockups and wireframes.

– Make sure everything is set up correctly from day one: have a professional designer create great looking graphics/logos etc… , design screens following best practices to be user friendly, have a clear idea of monetization strategy.

– When hiring developers for your project look at their past projects and talk with them on skype if possible so you can see how they work by asking questions about the languages used etc… – Once all screens are designed hire programmers who specialize in android/iphone development because it’s not easy to find someone experienced enough to handle multiple platforms. If you do not want anyone coding directly on app store then use cross platform tools like Xamarin or Phonegap which allow sharing code between different operating systems (android & iphone).