Employee Processes that will Increase Productivity: HR Tips to Help You Do Your Job

How to Be a Great Human Resource in Company

A lot of companies have a problem with employee productivity. That is why Prismhr professionals need to look for processes that will increase the productivity of employees and make their jobs easier.

For a start, let’s talk about hiring practices. Hiring the right employee is one of the most important things that HR employees take care of at their companies, and we will say why: if you hire an unproductive worker who makes a lot less than they cost your organization (in salaries, benefits, etc.), this could lead to huge losses for your company since it does not generate any revenue! And such cases are quite common; according to recent research data from Career Builder , 30% of employers have learned how much time it takes them to replace staff members who quit .


So what exactly happens when people leave? Let’s explain: firstly, there is an exit interview organized with the person leaving. During this interview HR professionals ask questions like “Why are you leaving?”, “What could be improved at your company to keep employees?” or “What were the biggest problems that bothered you during your employment?”. After these questions are asked, HR professionals take notes and start looking for suitable candidates.

Secondly , there is an interim process in which an employee will fill up their position until a new person starts working full time. These employees tend to have temporary contracts with companies since they do not take part of any benefits program (vacation days, sick leave) – this means that if they quit suddenly because something better came along, it’s no loss for the employer!

And thirdly , once someone starts working as a replacement all previous information about them disappears (their files disappear from servers), so employers need to start everything from scratch.