Travelling Cinema: A Way of Getting Closer To The Community

This is a cinema in your community whose objective was to give free exhibitions, with the noble aim of bringing culture and entertainment to the entire country.

For years, going to the cinema has become a source of fun; it is the family meeting point and a fundamental part of social and love relationships. Unfortunately, this ritual has become more expensive over time, being inaccessible to specific sectors of society whose income does not allow them to go to modern film complexes; in this way, public functions try to be an alternative to this evil.

On the other hand, reaching places of such poverty and being able to offer them an experience of healthy coexistence and distraction, which will take them away from their daily problems for at least a couple of hours, is also gratifying in the human sense; people thanked us and attended the functions with remarkable candour.

The road was difficult because of the poor maintenance of the streets. They located us in the furthest part of the community on a court next to the pantheon, a magnificent pantheon. People responded from 6 in the afternoon, and we played with the children, somehow we had to entertain people, the court was left to us.

On the other hand, in general, the people who work in the municipal cultural houses were people who, more than anything, do what they do drive by a great passion and social vocation. They work with a ridiculous budget and in adverse circumstances, often without any support, to improve their towns and communities. They were a great example.

People couldn’t believe that we would do a movie show without asking for anything in return. Every day they asked us if we were from any party, faction, roster or sect.

Many, but one in particular, was that the children were very subdued in one of the functions, and a group of older women arrived who began to dance and animated the function.

In general, there was always a lot of expectation during the day, and our arrival paralyzed the towns on many occasions. During the performance, the response was fabulous. People cried with the protagonist or laughed out loud as in any cinema. The community experience was beautiful.

The excellent workmanship of the film has a lot to do with it; people are not disappointed; on the contrary, they feel their expectations fulfilled: they get a little scared, have fun, dream and fantasize.

Carrying out the project during electoral times was exhausting; there is always someone who wants to bring water to their mill, suddenly, it becomes easy for them to try to take advantage of a project.

Our cinema is as dignified, and of the same or better quality than that of any other country, however, we suddenly fall into vices and common places towards the national product that is unfair, when we are on the other hand, we are perfectly capable of chartering ourselves an awful movie from any other country. Still, in the end, we pay more respect to it for having subtitles.