Tea Is A Way of Life

Essential Oil Benefits

Tea is a way of life – it can be your morning ritual, your afternoon pick-me-up or the perfect evening companion. It’s no wonder that many people drink tea every day and enjoy its benefits. Tea drinkers may also use essential oils to enrich their nutrition and reap other rewards from these aromatic extracts. Here are 11 reasons from TheFunGuys dispensary review why adding tea and essential oil to your daily routine will make you feel great!

The first thing that you’ll need to do is prepare your tea. You can drink any kind of tea, but there are certain types that work better than others when combined with essential oil. For example, if you’re adding peppermint or spearmint extracts then choose a green tea rather than an herbal one.

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The next step in the process is actually using the oils themselves! The most common ways to use these aromatic supplements include applying them topically (directly on skin), diffusing them into the air and ingesting them through foods like smoothies, teas and even salads! Here’s how each method works:

Apply directly onto skin – Tea tree oil for example has anti-inflammatory properties which will help soothe dry patches on your face after you wash or humidify your skin. You can also apply it to other areas like the soles of your feet for athletes foot, underarms for itching and on any bug bites you have.

Diffuse into air – diffusing is a great way to boost moods! Peppermint oil has many benefits including increased energy levels so if you’re feeling sluggish try adding some drops in with water before bedtime at night. Diffusion is also an easy way to control odors around the house without using chemicals that are harmful to everyone’s health especially toddlers’ young immune systems.